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My Story

Founder / Designer / Rebel

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to first generation Mexican immigrants. Growing up, I was always a super outgoing, vocal, and decisive little girl—much of which I attribute to my mother being deaf. I was an interpreter for her from a young age, which forced me to grow up faster than my peers. I had to learn for the both of us, and I even helped her get her Green Card and pass her test. In return, she’s rewarded me with ferocious love and endless inspiration.


My mother always taught me to do things from my soul, mi alma. She’d say “Hija, that’s the only way you will be successful.” Photography was the first passion I fully put my soul into, and that ultimately led to the idea of Alma Xx Rebels. I saw clothing as an extension of imagery: silhouettes could tell a story, one that could be reinterpreted every time you wore them. I held an art show a few years back and ended up selling a lot of work, which proved to me that I could transfer my vision into clothing.


There’s something honest about having a staple wardrobe of classic, dependable pieces you can wear in multiple ways. I could never find clothing that lived up to the ideas I had in my mind, and I noticed the quality of craftsmanship in pieces I did like wasn’t up to par. So I figured out how to design and manufacture them myself.


I started Alma Xx Rebels because I wanted to do things differently. Yes, I wanted to single-handedly design my dream wardrobe, but I also I wanted to get back to how manufacturing used to be. I wanted to keep things close to home, not overseas where workers are subjected to inhumane hours and quality suffers. So I’ve created a system where I can be hands-on throughout the entire process, from initial design to sewing here in LA-based factories. Just like me, Alma Xx Rebels is entirely born and raised in Los Angeles: made with soul and integrity, and destined to bring those same values into your life.