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✨ Enjoy Free Standard Shipping On Orders Over $100✨

About Us

We are the rebellious ones.

We don't always follow orders, but we always follow our soul.

We are ALMA.

There’s a rebel within every woman’s alma. Alma Xx Rebels reflects that powerful spirit through clothing inspired by the 70s, a decade that defined the modern woman: empowered, sensual, and confident in her own skin. From vintage fit tees to a Halston-inspired jersey dress, each piece radiates with feminine energy set to a soundtrack of classic rock ‘n’ roll.

Most importantly, we are a line for

Real women in real life.

But Alma Xx Rebels is more than what you wear. We’re a brand for women who care about how and where their things are made. Our entire process is a rebellion against the corner-cutting practices of consumerism. We hand-sew here in Los Angeles, allowing us to achieve a superior level of ethical craftsmanship through our own community. Most importantly, we design with Mother Nature in mind. By using proprietary fabrics made from natural and recycled materials, we’re able to create less textile waste while introducing women to earth-friendly options.

Every day we’re striving to become a more sustainable brand, and we’re proud to share the journey with you.