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There's a rebel within every woman's alma (soul).

We are rebellious

About Us

We are the rebellious ones.

We don't always follow orders, but we always follow our soul.

We are alma.

Alma Xx Rebels reflects that powerful spirit through high style, effortless clothing inspired by the 1970s. It's our passionate ode to a decade that defined the modern woman; empowered, sensual, and confident in her own skin. From vintage fit tees to one very iconic Halston-inspired jersey dress, each piece radiates with feminine energy set to a soundtrack of classic rock 'n' roll.

Most importantly, we are a line for

Real women in real life.

We want to make getting dressed the most motivating part of your day. When you put on Alma Xx Rebels, you step into the best version of yourself. That's exactly how a strong woman deserves to feel.

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