My Story

Founder, Designer, Rebel

Launched in 2018, Alma Xx Rebels is a climate-conscious clothing brand that dares to do things differently. I felt a calling in my alma (soul) to rebel against the wasteful, corner-cutting practices of the fashion industry. 

I envisioned a core collection of versatile pieces, hand-made in small batches in my hometown of Los Angeles. And then I made it happen. 

From the perfect fitting crop tee to slinky slip dresses, our pieces are designed to be loved and worn over and over again. But Alma Xx Rebels is more than just what you wear. 

We’re a brand for women who care about how and where their things are made. We hand-sew in Los Angeles, allowing us to achieve a superior level of ethical craftsmanship through our own community. 

We use deadstock fabric, the leftovers from other designers that would otherwise go to a landfill.  

Most importantly, we never make too much. Small-batch quantities ensure every piece is likely to find a home (maybe in your wardrobe) instead of ending up as textile waste. 

Every day we’re striving to become a more sustainable brand, and we’re proud to share the journey with you. Being a rebel never looked – or felt – so good.